2018 Wild Boar Course Map

Planning In Progress


SEPTEMBER 22, 2018



What Is The Wild Boar Challenge?

The Wild Boar Challenge is an off road obstacle course designed to push participants through a series of challenges that will test both their speed and agility as they navigate through the course. This is a local, non-profit event run by a local organization and the funds that are raised stay in central Iowa. The event is hosted by the CBC Foundation and attracts a wide range of participants from all over Iowa with different skills and abilities.

Who Does The Wild Boar Benefit?

The charities that the CBC Foundation choose to support are smaller, central Iowa charities that are devoted to making the lives of children and young people better. This year’s race will continue our support for a charity we’ve had a long-term relationship with, the Wildwood Hills Ranch. This organization has a mission to provide life-changing opportunities and camp programs for at-risk and disadvantaged children, right here in Central Iowa.

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Wildwood Hills Ranch

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